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No matter how big the tradeshow, how major the project or how critical the deadline, Hitek Logistic has a solution for you. For peace of mind, contact one of our professionals today. We’re up to your challenge.

Emergency logistics refers to certain time-critical transportation methods used in last-minute situations. It may be called for in the event of a production delay or when specialist equipment is urgently needed to prevent a telecommunications failure or the stranding of a ship or an aircraft. This type of service is usually provided by a specialist.

Trade shows are industry-specific exhibitions where companies can showcase products and services, monitor the activity of their competitors, and identify market trends and opportunities. There are two main types of fairs: Public fairs are open to everyone, while Trade Only fairs are exclusive to companies and members of the press. A few fairs are hybrids.

Trade shows are held in almost every market and usually attract companies from around the globe. Thousands of such fairs are held every year in the U.S. alone. They usually require a sizeable marketing investment. Companies must pay for space rental, designing and constructing displays, telecommunications and networking, travel and accommodations, as well as promotional literature to use as handouts. There are also usually charges for electricity, booth cleaning services, Internet services, and material handling and transport.

Project Cargo, or Heavy Lift, refers to the transport of large, heavy, high-value or critical equipment.