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Your company’s bottom line depends on how efficiently you manage your supply chain. Yet, most companies are just too busy to do a comprehensive review. That’s why we offer comprehensive freight audit services. Our experienced auditors are experts in industry standards. They will identify any weaknesses in your transportation and logistics operations, technology and processes to help you cut down on unnecessary costs over both the short and long term.

Our auditing system is extensive and non-invasive and fully adaptable. We can provide as much or as little service as you require, from a simple but in-depth analysis to a full implementation of recommended solutions. We will do it all, so you can concentrate on what’s most important: your business.

Rising freight costs are increasingly a source of concern. Freight charges are highly dependant on transportation costs, which in turn are directly influenced by oil and fuel prices. The unpredictability of these price fluctuations and the complexity involved in tracking them mean companies are vulnerable to overpaying for services. This is where a thorough audit can help.

The only problem? Most companies don’t have the resources to verify every invoice they receive and rely on random spot checks instead. Those organizations that do have the resources often find that the tedious manual labour involved costs a small fortune. As a result, a growing number of companies are turning to audit specialists for a simple and cost effective way to verify freight charges.